To keep up with ever-changing medical trends and treatments, Healthmark Regional Medical Center in DeFuniak Springs stays in the forefront.newweb6

We offer a full-service laboratory, full-service radiology, specialized critical care, 24-hour emergency care, same-day surgery, physical therapy, respiratory care, durable medical equipment, home health care and the walk-in Healthmark Clinic.

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Healthmark now offers a wide range of testing options that include 64-slice CAT scans, EEG and EKG testing, stress testing, Holter monitoring, pulmonary function tests and even high-field MRI imaging. You can see why more people are now turning to Healthmark for all their health care needs.


We are conveniently located, too. Regardless of who your physician may be or where their office is located, there is no longer any need to travel long distances for routine tests.


When it comes to health matters, choose Healthmark!